Wellbeing & its impact on business

Wellbeing is the state of being healthy and happy with our self, our relationships and throughout all aspects of our life, including work. Research shows us that there is a direct impact of our employees’ wellness on their job performance.[ref]Sickness Absence in the Labour Market: 2016, Office for National Statistics.[/ref][ref]Mental Health and Work. (2014), OECD[/ref]

How do you become an employer of choice?

Employees wellbeing seminars have been proven to positively impact employee wellness and to significantly increase a team’s engagement, cohesiveness and overall productivity, with reduced leave days and turnover.

According to research, a healthy and happy workforce can considerably reduce costs per employee with the help of programs that tackle employees’ emotional and mental health, social connectivity and a sense of fulfillment on the job.[ref]Does Worker Wellbeing Affect Workplace Performance? (2014), Dept for Business, Innovation & Skills.[/ref]

Taking an active role in your employees’ wellbeing can make you an employer of choice and impact your business at all levels. Psychology Experts offers online seminars by Dr. Elefant-Yanni to provide practical tools for employees’ well-being:

1. Awareness Training

Being aware of our emotional wellness and affective situation in everyday life and particularly in the workplace, enables us to avoid unnecessary tension and potential conflict. A practical approach to emotional intelligence allowing employees to preserve their energy and creativity, heighten their performance and increases their productivity, all while reducing stress levels.

2. Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness training is a great tool to help your employees relieve stress and feel balanced, as well as increase their productivity and focus in their day-to-day work. Mindfulness training is based on meditation and breathing techniques, helping employees be more present in addition to enhancing their efficiency.

3. Visualization Training

With the workload and the multiplication of tasks, it can be difficult to stay focused and organized, to keep a perspective of personal contribution to the team’s work. Visualization is a practical tool that allows employees to refocus on the goal, organize and prioritize the necessary steps. A clear vision alleviates stress and releases energy to achieve objectives through a sense of purpose and contribution.

4. Gratitude Practice

The practice of gratitude can be beneficial in all aspects of an employee’s life. At work, looking back at achievement, expressing thanks to colleagues and acknowledging the positives yields to a high level of awareness and appreciation. Gratitude can make your employees more effective and engaged, creating a positive organizational culture with a direct impact on your business.

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