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Child psychology and therapy are incredible when going through difficult life events and building self-understanding and confidence.

There are many changes and milestones throughout the development of a child. Most of them aren’t even noticed, but sometimes they can lead to questioning, confusion, and conflicts with the child’s entourage. The path to adulthood and maturity can be further complicated by today’s constant bombardment by the media, social networks, and the distorted images of “who you should be”.

For the child/teenager, it can be difficult to share these feelings and frustrations with parents. This can lead to a lack of communication and be expressed through poor results at school, aggressive behavior, or depression.

A psychologist can help your child understand the changes he/she is going through and express themself. Part of the process is to consolidate the youth’s self-esteem and confidence. In turn, he/she will have the tools to communicate better with his/her entourage and develop a positive approach to life.

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Child Psychology & Therapy FAQ

You can’t force a child or a teenager to participate in therapy.

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