Gifted Child / Gifted Adult

Gifted youths and adults think differently, have oversensitivity and heightened emotional reactivity. Because they have a deeper vision of the world, it can make life more challenging for them and their entourage.

Thanks to their high sensitivity, gifted individuals are specifically challenged by affective distress over several factors: over thinking, perfectionism, procrastination, isolation, boredom, and underachievement (dumb themselves down to fit in), impostor complex (doubt the validity of their accomplishment), asynchronous development (social / affective / intellectual), over sensibility and over reactivity, existential depression (search for meaning and purpose).

Many gifted people have managed to adjust with success, but others suffer and can benefit from the guidance of a psychotherapist who can offer support and help them develop perspective and coping skills.

Gifted identification will first require a psychological assessment with specific tests and questionnaires to formally evaluate intellect, affectivity and achievement. This generally takes place over two sessions and is always accompanied with clinical observations.

The psychological assessment involves administration, scoring, and interpretation of tests; it also requires the psychologist to prepare a written report and a session to review the results. For youths the review is discussed with both the child and his parents.

Many parents struggle with anxiety and frustration when trying to help their gifted child, whether attempting to challenge underachievement and procrastination or helping them to cope with high sensitivity. Parents can benefit from the help of a psychotherapist or family therapist to manage their child’s affective or behavioral issues along with their own personal reactions.

Dr. Elefant-Yanni
Senior Psychotherapist

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