You’re in charge of your own wellbeing

We think we know what directs our actions, moods, behaviors… but our conscious thoughts are just a fraction of all that goes on inside ourselves! Human beings are irrational creatures because our unconscious has so much influence on us that we don’t even (consciously) know it!

We know that life will bring ups and downs. So why do we act so surprised or feel so anxious/frustrated/angry when it throws obstacles our way?

Part of being strong, is to be resilient. That means, we understand that life is a cycle of positives and negatives. That we prepare ourselves for tougher times, emotionally, financially, health wise… So don’t wait to be stressed out to take care of yourself. Learn how to cope with strong emotions through meditation and breathing exercises. ⠀

Being resilient means we are pragmatic. We understand that this is a hard time to go through. We acknowledge the challenge, we take the time to process. But we also know that this does not define our life or who we are. ⠀

Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves what is really essential and be grateful of what we have.⠀

We often don’t think about it when everything is fine and get negligent with our diet, exercise, meditation… So let’s not wait for something to go wrong to remember to take good care of our mind and body!⠀

So look at yourself in the mirror, appreciate your body and all it does for you. Appreciate your beauty and your flaws. Be grateful to your skin, your organs, your senses. Be kind to yourself and take care of yourself. You only have 1 body! ⠀

Have you been ignoring your truth? You know that it’s not just about the career we dreamed off as child, it’s about the human being that we are. The person that stands up for hers/his values and that believes in the words she/he says!

If you have strayed from your true self, the good news is that it doesn’t have to stay that way! Take the time to reflect on what really matters to you, listen to your gut, and be that unique and authentic person you truly are!⠀

Tip: if you ruffle feathers, its ok, your just going through the process of change!