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Psychology Experts is a private clinical psychology service based in Singapore and accepting international patients via online consultations. All our services are available in English and French.

We provide professional support and guidance to children, teenagers, adults, couples and families under the supervision of Dr. Elefant-Yanni. Our services include psychological assessment, counseling and therapy.

We focus on the wellbeing of our patients to help them address personal issues, difficult periods, anxiety and suffering in a safe and confidential environment. Our goal is to give patients the professional support to help them regain their ability to enjoy life again and to go on with their projects with renewed energy, as expressed by our motto: Enjoy Life & Carry On.

We serve patients from the local and expatriate communities, tailoring our services to each individual’s needs. We emphasize trust, respect, confidentiality and compassion and are committed to quality mental health care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, online therapy sessions offer the same therapeutic value. We have been using video calls for many years to work with patients across the world or traveling. With our cameras on, therapists get the same non-verbal cues as we do in person and the same therapeutic alliance with the patient is formed.

Yes, new and existing patients can book an online appointment. These online session are available for adults, teens, childrens, couples and families.

There are a variety of reasons people can feel the need to consult a psychologist. From anxiety, pain to suffering, these feelings can cause intense stress and a psychologist can help explore the causes. At Psychology Experts our goal is to give our patients the professional support to help them regain their ability to enjoy life again and to go on with their life projects with renewed energy. A psychologist is trained to listen and guide you through a process to help you explore and work to the resolution of your issues in a safe, non-judgmental and confidential environment.

The therapeutic alliance is the most effective tool of any therapeutic relationship. That means that both, therapist and client are authentic, sincere and feel that they can fully trust each other.

In this positive and respectful atmosphere, the patient feels safe to explore his issues and be open about his intimate thoughts and feelings, which are necessary for his psychologist to understand him.

Your psychologist offers his empathic service to help you explore your issues, and provide you with tools to help you change problematic aspects in your life. Your therapist can’t do it for you, it is your responsibility to actively use those tools to effectively bring the necessary change in your ways. You must be committed to make a serious effort, otherwise you will soon feel frustrated with your psychologist and the therapeutic process.

The main difference is the perspective:

  • A psychiatrist is a physician, trained to look for symptoms and mental illnesses. He aims to make a diagnostic and label your mental state. In addition to psychotherapy, he may prescribe medications.
  • A psychologist is learned in human development and functioning in all their aspects (behavior, thinking, feeling), so he can assess the weaknesses as well as the strengths of a patient seeking his help. He is also trained in psychotherapeutic skills and methods to help his patient explore his ways and change them when they are source of suffering. A psychologist can also use labels as a commodity of communication, however he aims not to make a diagnostic but to understand your way of functioning.

Both can be “doctors”, medical doctor for a psychiatrist (M.D.), philosophical doctor for a Psychologist (Ph.D.)

Exchanges during psychological consultations are confidential. Your written permission is required to convey personal information to a third party.  Your psychologist can’t even acknowledge your therapeutic relationship without your consent. However if you threaten to harm yourself or another person then the psychologist is ethically bound to contact the appropriate authorities.

Dr Elefant-Yanni Clinical Psychologist Psychotherapist

Supervising doctor

Dr. Elefant-Yanni

Dr. Veronique Elefant-Yanni is a Clinical Psychologist who works with children, teenagers and adults experiencing a range of issues, from emotional difficulties to traumatic experiences.

Dr. Elefant-Yanni has over 20 years of clinical practice with patients of all ages and cultures and has developed an approach around wellbeing, avoiding labeling and medicalization. Her philosophy brought her to study meditation in South Korea where she served the expat community and perfected her approach focused on creating balance for the mind and body. She recently moved to Singapore with her family and opened Psychology Experts.

Originally from Switzerland, Dr. Elefant-Yanni holds an advanced Master in Clinical Psychology and a Doctorate in Affective Sciences from the University of Geneva. She taught Clinical Developmental Psychology at the University of Geneva and trained students to give psychological assessments to public school children. She also worked at the children and adolescent psychiatric hospital of Geneva. There, she mostly helped children and teenagers who presented various types of functioning disorders or psychological issues, as well as their parents as it is often the case when addressing complex family difficulties.

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