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Mental Health Month Talk: Power of The Mind, May 10

I am happy to share that I will be speaking at the upcoming PAUSE SALON, ‘POWER OF THE MIND’. This is very exciting for me as the month of May marks ‘Mental Health’ month,  which is important to me. Some questions that the panel and I will be exploring are as follows:
– Just how powerful is the mind?
– What does it mean to be an individual, particularly in this modern day an age?
– Does our sense of identity affect our mind, or is it our mind that is responsible for shaping our identity?
– Psychology and Psychotherapy: to whom do we turn to for help, based on our realities?
– Depression, in particular, youth depression, is on the rise: What can we do to prevent it?
– Can technology that is available to us today, help us take better care of our minds / mental state of health?

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