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I got very depressed because of the lockdown and restrictions and lost any motivation for my studies. I was in a very dark place and my parents told me to get help. I had sessions online with Dr. Elefant-Yanni for almost 18 months once a week, and I followed what she called the well-being program. I finished 2 weeks ago, I never thought before about psychotherapy but it changed me in the best possible way. The fact that she understand Korean society was a plus for me. No more panic attacks or irrational obsessing ideas, I am fully alive and much more confident than I ever was at school and with my friends. It was not easy, but she encouraged me every week and taught me how to deal with my difficulties. I am very grateful and want to recommend her warmly.
Therapy patient
Dr. Elefant-Yanni has helped me develop good habits to self-regulate, sleep well, focus on my own happiness, and breathe through difficult times. I started seeing her at a time when I felt at a loss due to my health. Not only did she help me see my own experiences from a different perspective, but she has helped me learn that with self-confidence and a focus on my own happiness, I can face anything and work through it (although it won’t always be easy). I highly recommend working with Dr. Elefant-Yanni. She holds you accountable (which is what I needed) and always knew how to get me to talk about things that I was uncomfortable speaking about. I wasn’t a firm believer in therapy until I started working with her. I am in a much better place now than I was before. I also know that I can contact her at any point if I need a reminder, or just to talk through different things that arise. Thank you, Dr. Elefant-Yanni for all that you have done!
Therapy patient
I attended counselling sessions with Manouchka when I was going through changes in my life and career and found that I had begun to feel tired and unhappy all the time. She helped me realize that I needed to make my wellbeing a priority, and worked with me to introduce positive habits and routines into my life that have improved my wellbeing. I have found that she is open-minded, non-judgmental, and easy to talk to about any issues, and offers a valuable perspective on them. Sessions are conducted online, which is a plus as you can do them from the comfort of your home.
Counseling patient
After years of allowing myself to drown in anxiety, I finally sought help. It was holding me back in various environments including the workplace. I recommend booking with Dr. Elefant-Yanni as she is very easy to talk to and helps you to identify and understand the root causes, as well as how to calm the effects. I’m now in control of my anxiety, I am no longer filled with self-doubt, and instead of shying away from certain situations, I embrace them. Thank you Dr. Elefant-Yanni. You are worth every penny.
Therapy patient
I’ve been working with Dr. Elefant-Yanni from Psychology Experts online for the last 6 months and can strongly recommend her. If you are facing issues in your relationships or just generally not feeling ok and need to understand yourself better she will be an incredible help. I used to think that therapy was only for people with big issues and kept minimizing my own pain. I was still curious and so I booked my 1st session after looking online. Dr. Elefant-Yanni made it clear how I could benefit from working together and how I had to be active, not just sit there and listen. It wasn’t always easy, and I had some ups and downs with the process, but Dr. Elefant-Yanni never gave up on me. What a difference 6 months make! I feel so much more aligned with what I want out of life and much happier now.
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