Christmas Blues & Family Stress

CHRISTMAS BLUES AND FAMILY STRESS Christmas tree, decorations, gifts, the holiday atmosphere is synonymous with family reunions, fun and good mood.  Nevertheless, nostalgia, the anxious need to display a feigned and normal joy, the race for gifts and the end-of-year questioning mean that holidays can be stressful. Beyond its religious symbolism, Christmas confronts us with

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Le Blues de Noël & Stress Familial

LE BLUES DE NOEL ET LE STRESS FAMILIAL Sapin, décorations, cadeaux, l’ambiance des fêtes sont synonymes de retrouvailles en famille, de plaisir et de bonne humeur. Néanmoins, nostalgie, anxiété de devoir afficher une joie feinte et normée, course aux cadeaux et remise en question de fin d’année font que les fêtes peuvent parfois être porteuses

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Why Meditate?

As a researcher in Affective Sciences, I explored the structure of our affect, which is the present feeling that is our life. I discovered that it is supported by the three dimensions: activation, tension and representation. These same three dimensions define us at any moment of our life. In other words, we live in those

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Back to school!

First day at the nursery, kindergarten, elementary school or college: all these first times make us grow. These back to school times are as many rites of passage, symbolic points of rupture allowing our children to gain in maturity and autonomy. However as parents, we have to accept them as well… It can stir feelings

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